Hidez compression hoods and suits

The HIDEZ graduated compression animal suits are innovative engineered garments, using revolutionary technologies to construct the suits. Our scientifically engineered fabric is cut (into panels) in specific ways, then the strategically placed panels are sewn together to focus on certain muscle groups.

The unique seams also play a role, acting as anchor points, our seams help us with muscle focus creating the right amounts of controlled graduated compression to the animal

The term graduated compression means applying a greater amount of pressure at the extremities (the lowest point of the leg) and the pressure reduces off along the limbs and body. This technique HIDEZ uses force these vital blood supplies out of the lower limbs (where fluids tend to pool) back into circulation, back towards the heart.

This process enhances blood flow and oxygen availability to animal’s muscles speeds up the removal of waste products (e.g. lactic acids and carbon dioxide) for vital blood supplies. Good healthy blood supplies recover injuries faster, help prevent injuries by maintaining muscle temperature and it reduces muscle fatigue and by flushing out bad blood it reduces delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).